Madelyn at 9 months

Madelyn is now 9 months old and I can hardly believe it. She’s been learning and growing so much lately and has been bringing me and Troy so much joy. She likes crawling, standing up while holding onto furniture for support, reading (aka chewing on) books, throwing toys (in the air and out of herContinue reading “Madelyn at 9 months”

Tips for creating your baby registry

With so much baby gear on the market, it’s hard to know what to register for. Should you get a Zippadee Zip or a Merlin Magic Sleepsuit? An Ergo carrier or a Lillebaby wrap? It can begin to feel like you’re speaking another language. To help with the language barrier, I created a list ofContinue reading “Tips for creating your baby registry”

Madelyn turns 7 months today

I often think about this blog, and you, my readers. I keep telling myself I’m going to set aside a few hours to write a lengthy personal essay, but then motherhood and work fill up my days and I find myself scrambling for time. I’m going to change my approach and start posting shorter pieces here moreContinue reading “Madelyn turns 7 months today”

Learning to eat, feed, and be ok

Earlier this month, The Washington Post published one of my personal essays about motherhood. I pitched the essay to the editor of the Post’s On Parenting website last month and was happy when she wrote back to say she wanted to publish it. I was even more moved by all the positive feedback the essay has receivedContinue reading “Learning to eat, feed, and be ok”

Finding my voice as a mother

Lately, I’ve found myself wanting to write a lot about my daughter Madelyn. “So many stories to tell, so little time to write!” I often think. Gone are the times when I could write personal essays for hour-long periods without interruptions. Being a mom forces you to learn how to be patient as a writer,Continue reading “Finding my voice as a mother”

Becoming a mom made me love Mother’s Day again

Dear Madelyn, Growing up, I loved Mother’s Day. It was an excuse to draw pictures for my own mom, a reason to ride my bike around the neighborhood and find freshly picked flowers for her. I didn’t know that the flowers I picked — usually dandelions and Queen’s Anne’s lace — were actually weeds. MomContinue reading “Becoming a mom made me love Mother’s Day again”

Why I love Pantene’s ‘Dad-Do’ Super Bowl commercials

It’s not often that you see a NFL player doing his daughter’s hair. In a series of new Pantene commercials, three players do just that. The commercials, which are set to air this weekend during Super Bowl 50, show how meaningful it can be when dads bond with their daughters in unconventional ways. In one of the ads, theContinue reading “Why I love Pantene’s ‘Dad-Do’ Super Bowl commercials”