Feeling more at ease in the second trimester

  As an expectant mom, it’s hard not to worry. Online and in books, you read about your compromised immune system and your increased chance of getting diseases with scary names: toxoplasmosis, listeria, and haemophilus influenzae. You hear that you’re more prone to urinary tract infections, and that the common flu can increase your chances ofContinue reading “Feeling more at ease in the second trimester”

Excited to announce the gender of our little one!

When I saw my OB’s number pop up on my caller ID, my heart fluttered. I knew it was one of the nurse practitioners calling to share the results from a recent blood test I took to determine Baby Tarpley’s gender. I excused myself from the video conference call I was on and picked up the phone.Continue reading “Excited to announce the gender of our little one!”

Expecting Baby Tarpley in February 2016

It’s difficult keeping a secret that affects your mood, your energy levels, and the size of your belly. After months of waiting, though, Troy and I can finally share the good news: we are expecting a little one in February 2016! We’re so incredibly grateful that I got through the first trimester without any complications and thatContinue reading “Expecting Baby Tarpley in February 2016”