A sneak peek at Madelyn’s nursery

The last month has been filled with preparation for Baby Madelyn. Troy and I have been visiting pediatricians’ offices, interviewing nannies, and taking childbirth classes. (I have one more eight-hour birthing class to go this weekend!) Of all the prep work we’ve done, decorating the nursery together has been the most fun. I picked out everything forContinue reading “A sneak peek at Madelyn’s nursery”

Learning to develop the ’empathy reflex’ as a parent

When you’re pregnant, your brain plays tricks on you. I’ve had my fair share of “pregnancy brain” moments and have been curious as to why pregnancy causes women to be more forgetful and absentminded than usual. The related research I’ve read has helped me realize that pregnancy brain is a real (and normal) symptom. It has also taught me the importanceContinue reading “Learning to develop the ’empathy reflex’ as a parent”