The Tarpleys are moving to Texas

Troy and I have some exciting news: we’re moving to Austin, Texas! Ever since Madelyn was born, we’ve wanted to live closer to family. This move makes that possible. Troy, who’s from Texas, has accepted a great new job at a hospital north of Austin. He’ll be starting in early January. I’ll continue working for Images & VoicesContinue reading “The Tarpleys are moving to Texas”

A note to my sweet daughter

My dear Madelyn, Your due date is quickly approaching, and Mom and Dad can’t wait to meet you. For nine months, you’ve rested under and in my heart. You’ve been my source of inner strength, my motivator for eating healthy and treating my body with respect. I find myself rubbing my belly all the time; itContinue reading “A note to my sweet daughter”

Taking a break from running during pregnancy

Earlier this year I ran my first marathon. Now I probably couldn’t even run a mile. It’s been seven months since I last ran – the longest stretch I’ve gone without running in 15 years. Running has always been an integral part of my adult life. It’s been my outlet for stress, my connection toContinue reading “Taking a break from running during pregnancy”

Three months to go before Baby Madelyn arrives

Today marks the beginning of week 27, also known as the start of the third trimester! (Some measure the start of the third trimester at week 28, but I’m sticking with week 27.) With each passing week, I feel more confident about Baby Madelyn’s health. She is at the age of viability, meaning survival outside the wombContinue reading “Three months to go before Baby Madelyn arrives”

A quick 20-week update

It’s hard to believe that I’m 20 weeks pregnant and officially halfway through my pregnancy. My friends who are pregnant or who have kids tell me that even though I’m at the halfway mark, the real growth is just beginning. “Get ready, mama — exponential growth is coming for you. Grow, Madelyn, grow!” one friendContinue reading “A quick 20-week update”

How Baby Madelyn and the parents-to-be are doing at 18 weeks

How is Madelyn? Madelyn is about 9 cm — the size of a sweet potato. The doctor tells me she’s healthy; her brain, heart, and other organs are functioning properly, and her heartbeat is about 155 bpm (normal for this point in her development). I got to see her in action during my level two/anatomyContinue reading “How Baby Madelyn and the parents-to-be are doing at 18 weeks”