10 things I’ve learned during my pregnancy

Pregnancy has taught me a lot — about my body, self-care, and the early stages of mother-daughter bonds. I could easily think of 50+ pregnancy lessons, but I’ve narrowed it down to a Top 10 list… 1. The human body is pretty remarkable. Pregnancy is so common, and yet it seems so miraculous. I’ve become increasingly fascinated by theContinue reading “10 things I’ve learned during my pregnancy”

Highlights from Madelyn’s first baby shower

Gratitude. That’s the one word that keeps coming to mind as I think about the baby shower my mother-in-law threw for me and Troy in Texas last weekend. Everyone showered us with gifts, well wishes, and encouragement. With each gift we opened, I got excited for Madelyn and thought about how lucky she will be —Continue reading “Highlights from Madelyn’s first baby shower”