Books I’ve enjoyed reading during my pregnancy

For the past nine months, I’ve been drawn to pregnancy literature of all sorts — books, newsletters, birthing class handouts, and more. Sometimes it feels like information overload, but in general, I would rather have more information than not enough. I’ve bought a lot of pregnancy and childbirth books in hopes of learning more about Madelyn’s development in the wombContinue reading “Books I’ve enjoyed reading during my pregnancy”

How the last few weeks of pregnancy are teaching me to embrace unpredictability

I’ve found the last few weeks of my pregnancy to be the hardest. Physically, I’m feeling pretty good. I have some aches and pains, and sleep is getting harder to come by, but I still have energy to go on walks every afternoon and work full days. I’ve found it really difficult, though, to come to termsContinue reading “How the last few weeks of pregnancy are teaching me to embrace unpredictability”

A note to my sweet daughter

My dear Madelyn, Your due date is quickly approaching, and Mom and Dad can’t wait to meet you. For nine months, you’ve rested under and in my heart. You’ve been my source of inner strength, my motivator for eating healthy and treating my body with respect. I find myself rubbing my belly all the time; itContinue reading “A note to my sweet daughter”