In the wake of tragedy, the hardest question to answer is ‘Why?’

As a child, I was always in search of answers. I was curious about the world around me and my favorite word was probably “why.” Aware of my inquisitive nature, my mom bought me a series of books titled “Tell Me Why: Answers to Hundreds of Questions Children Ask.” I recently flipped through the books, whichContinue reading “In the wake of tragedy, the hardest question to answer is ‘Why?’”

Excited to announce the gender of our little one!

When I saw my OB’s number pop up on my caller ID, my heart fluttered. I knew it was one of the nurse practitioners calling to share the results from a recent blood test I took to determine Baby Tarpley’s gender. I excused myself from the video conference call I was on and picked up the phone.Continue reading “Excited to announce the gender of our little one!”

Expecting Baby Tarpley in February 2016

It’s difficult keeping a secret that affects your mood, your energy levels, and the size of your belly. After months of waiting, though, Troy and I can finally share the good news: we are expecting a little one in February 2016! We’re so incredibly grateful that I got through the first trimester without any complications and thatContinue reading “Expecting Baby Tarpley in February 2016”