Here’s to a calmer 2018

Looking back, 2017 was one of the most memorable years of my life. Madelyn turned 1, Tucker was born, Troy and I got new jobs, and we moved cross-country from St. Pete, Florida to Austin, Texas, which now feels like home. As 2018 approaches, I’m looking forward to embracing the stability that stems from allContinue reading “Here’s to a calmer 2018”

Celebrating the holidays with both sides of the family

This has been a Christmas week to remember. It was our first Christmas in our new home, with two kids, and with both sets of grandparents here to celebrate it with them. When you become a parent, you get to relive that sense of wonder you felt when you were a kid around the holidays.Continue reading “Celebrating the holidays with both sides of the family”

Instilling confidence & courage in children

I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can instill confidence in Madelyn. She’s only 20 months old, but she’s already so impressionable. Growing up, I struggled with anorexia and disordered eating for more than a decade and had no confidence. It took me awhile to regain it, and it’s stronger in someContinue reading “Instilling confidence & courage in children”

Remembering loss & celebrating love on Mother’s Day

  It’s been 20 years since my mom passed away from breast cancer, and yet I still get emotional on Mother’s Day. Every year I tell myself that I should be over it, that the tears of loss should be dried up by now. This year, I tried letting the mascara run without remorse. IContinue reading “Remembering loss & celebrating love on Mother’s Day”

When nursing comes to an end

Last week I stopped nursing Madelyn. For 12.5 months, nursing was her nourishment, her sense of comfort. In some ways, it was mine too. It’s hard to let go of the things that draw our children near — but our motherly instincts, our bodies, our children usually steer us in the right direction and helpContinue reading “When nursing comes to an end”

Remembering my mom, who taught me so much about motherhood

My beloved mom passed away 20 years ago this month. Usually, life with her in it feels like forever ago. But this year feels unexpectedly different. The memories feel fresher, more vivid — probably because I’m reminded of my mom on a daily basis now that I have a daughter of my own. For yearsContinue reading “Remembering my mom, who taught me so much about motherhood”

Celebrating Madelyn’s 1st birthday!

  A year ago today, our sweet Madelyn was born. In the past year, she’s grown from a baby to a strong little girl who has changed our lives for the better. She likes playing peek-a-boo, clapping, reading, trying to walk on her own, being tickled, hiding behind her high hair, playing with keys andContinue reading “Celebrating Madelyn’s 1st birthday!”

Learning when to let go & hold on as a parent

Even though Madelyn slept soundly last night, I woke up at various times worrying about her first full day of daycare. Would she cry most of the day? Would she eat well for the teachers? Would she be able to nap in a new crib, surrounding by nine other babies? How do you get 10Continue reading “Learning when to let go & hold on as a parent”